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Ali Cooper

That goth music journo.

Words for Metal Hammer. Previously TeamRock. Rock Sins Reviews Editor. Metal historian. aka Ali Zombie.

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The records that changed my life: Trivium's Paolo Gregoletto - Metal Hammer

Trivium's bass player Paolo chooses the records that have soundtracked his life.

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The story behind Underoath's return to metal - Metal Hammer

After three years away from the scene, Underoath came roaring back... but why now?

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Mr Lordi's Top 10 Best Shock Rock Anthems | TeamRock

If there's one person who knows his stuff when it comes to monstrous metal and shocking rock, it's the fiend from Finland himself, Mr Lordi.

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The Top 10 Best Asking Alexandria Songs | TeamRock

The finest anthems in metalcore heroes Asking Alexandria's repertoire.

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The Top 10 Best Walking Dead Scenes by Anthrax's Scott Ian | TeamRock

When it comes to The Walking Dead, there’s no bigger fan than Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. Which is why we asked him to pick his favourite scenes from TV”s greatest zombie series.

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The Devil Wears Prada: Transit Blues Track-By-Track - Metal Hammer

The Devil Wears Prada frontman Mike Hranica tells the story behind every song on their new album Transit Blues.

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We spent 5 minutes alone with Ghost and this is what we learned ...

We chat to Papa Emeri-we mean A Nameless Ghoul And Definitely Not Papa Emeritus about their new EP, Halloween and ‘doing a Beyoncé’.

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Epica's Simone Simons loves Opeth and here's why | Metal Hammer

Simone Simons - the leader of symphonic metal heavyweights Epica – tells us why prog-metallers Opeth rock her world.

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Exclusive: Nu metal legends Korn are going "heavier" for their new ...

KoRn join us for an exclusive interview, where the nu metal legends discuss their new album and reveal that Corey Taylor will be guesting on a track

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Black Stone Cherry's John Fred Young on his top 10 albums of all time

Black Stone Cherry drummer John Fred Young picks his top 10 favourite records... warning: gratuitous pop contained within.

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Black Crown Initiate might be the world's smartest prog metal band ...

Pennsylvania prog-metal quartet Black Crown Initiate are mixing brains with brutal metal brawn.

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From Dusk Till Dawn director Robert Rodriguez on horror movies ...

Horror-loving director Robert Rodriquez tells us why heavy metal is the perfect match for guts and gore.

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Hot new band: Whispered – melodic death metal from Japan ...

Contrary to their name, Whispered won't go quietly.

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Van Canto – the world's first power metal choir - Feature - Metal ...

Van Canto are finding their voice as the world's first power metal choir.

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Road Trippin': Metal Church - Feature - Metal Hammer

Metallica’s former touring pals are fired up for the future.