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Words for Metal Hammer. Previously TeamRock. Rock Sins Reviews Editor. Metal historian. aka Ali Zombie.

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Sixxamprayersvol2big article

Sixx:A.M. - Prayers for the Blessed | Rock Sins

Not to be confused with an optimistic ode to the blessings of life, round two of 2016’s Sixx:A.M. domination ‘Prayers for the Blessed’ praises the flawed while shaking the perch of the blissfully ignorant.

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AFI - AFI (The Blood Album) | Rock Sins

The extravagantly produced, theme-driven AFI have been left in the 2000s, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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Sixx:A.M. - Prayers for the Damned | Rock Sins

Clawing out of its cage, ‘Prayers for the Damned’ is Sixx:A.M.’s phenomenal ode to the personal battles that keep them alive.

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Dead Frequency - Tough Tracks and Setbacks EP | Rock Sins

Playful melodic punks Dead Frequency come bearing the gift of the fun factor with some ‘Tough Tracks and Setbacks’.

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The records that changed my life: Trivium's Paolo Gregoletto - Metal Hammer

Trivium's bass player Paolo chooses the records that have soundtracked his life.

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The story behind Underoath's return to metal - Metal Hammer

After three years away from the scene, Underoath came roaring back... but why now?

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Death Valley High - CVLT [AS FVK] | RockSins

Enticing industrial-infused goth for the present day, Death Valley High are determined to prove they are ‘CVLT [AS FVK]'.

Airbourne breakin outta hell album cover 1 article

Airbourne - Breakin' Outta Hell Album Review | Rock Sins

Light the fuse and retreat to a safe distance, Airbourne are ‘Breakin’ Outta Hell’ so expect fireworks.

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Mr Lordi's Top 10 Best Shock Rock Anthems | TeamRock

If there's one person who knows his stuff when it comes to monstrous metal and shocking rock, it's the fiend from Finland himself, Mr Lordi.

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Opeth - Sorceress Album Review | Rock Sins

Opeth’s ‘Sorceress’ is an enchanting siren, beckoning innocent passers-by toward their fate.

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The Top 10 Best Asking Alexandria Songs | TeamRock

The finest anthems in metalcore heroes Asking Alexandria's repertoire.

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The Top 10 Best Walking Dead Scenes by Anthrax's Scott Ian | TeamRock

When it comes to The Walking Dead, there’s no bigger fan than Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. Which is why we asked him to pick his favourite scenes from TV”s greatest zombie series.

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The Decline - Are You Gonna Eat That? | PlanetMosh

Rising from the ashes of punk’s sad downturn in recent years, The Decline reissue their second venture ‘Are You Gonna Eat That?’ to a scene in desperate need of such a rapturous shake-up.

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The Erik Chandler Band - The Truth: Album Review | Rock Sins

Whisking you on a high school adventure of self-discovery and recovery, Bowling for Soup bassman’s Erik Chandler Band are here to tell you ‘The Truth’ about growing up.

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The Devil Wears Prada: Transit Blues Track-By-Track - Metal Hammer

The Devil Wears Prada frontman Mike Hranica tells the story behind every song on their new album Transit Blues.