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Augustus and Divine Imagery | W.U Hstry

The Emperor Augustus, known initially as Octavian, was well regarded as the ‘saviour of Rome’, the princeps that brought Rome into their golden age of prosperity and restored the Roman Republic, and as such he was often portrayed as something of a god among mortals, sent to help the Roman Empire in its time of need.

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Formosa – The Beauty and the Beast | W.U Hstry

Uncrowded, untouched and uncivilised, Ilha Formosa was somewhat hurriedly entitled the ‘Beautiful Island’ by Portuguese sailors in the sixteenth century, yet aboriginally named Taiwan by its Asian neighbours.

Manchukuo article

Manchukuo: Master of Puppets | W.U Hstry

Forged by relentless Japanese military takeover on 15th September 1932, the new state of Manchukuo was not built to last.

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Man Must Conquer Nature: Mao’s Cultural Revolution and the Environment | W.U Hstry

Any explanation of the environmental problems of the world we live in falls short without a mention of China, be it climate change, ozone depletion or over-exploitation of natural resources. Mao Zedong’s Great Leap Forward in the 1950s was an adventurous attempt to ‘conquer’ nature through human intervention, combining the repression of fellow humans with the repression of nature’s course.

‘Oh Dear, I Think I’m Becoming A God’: Vespasian and the Divine | W.U Hstry

Throughout his decade-long reign from AD 69 to 79, Vespasian actively refuted any claims of divinity and moves toward an imperial cult within the borders of Rome, but made little attempt to dispel divine worship of himself in the provinces in a bid to reinforce the central focus on Rome and the emperor as an individual to barbarian outsiders.

Facepaint 52 article

The Living Traditions of the Day of the Dead | W.U Hstry

Dia de los Muertos, the date of the Mexican calendar where deceased relatives lives are celebrated in a positive light, has been marked in one form or another since the Aztec civilisation.

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Victors of Circumstance – The Rise of Chinese Communism | W.U Hstry

The Chinese Communist Party, formally born in 1921 and reinvigorated by the victory of Mao Zedong in 1949, succeeded not only out of its political ingenuity and advances, but also through the failures and shortcomings of its competitors and enemies.

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Zhao Ziyang – The Tiananmen Catalyst | W.U Hstry

The ideological black sheep of the Chinese Communist Party during the 1980s, Zhao Ziyang was ultimately held in view by the party as a significant cause of the Tiananmen Square protests that led to the massacre of June 3rd and 4th 1989, resulting in the deaths of an unknown number of students, labourers and Beijing citizens.