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Ali Cooper

That goth music journo.

Words for Metal Hammer. Previously TeamRock. Rock Sins Reviews Editor. Metal historian. aka Ali Zombie.

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The Decline - Are You Gonna Eat That? | PlanetMosh

Rising from the ashes of punk’s sad downturn in recent years, The Decline reissue their second venture ‘Are You Gonna Eat That?’ to a scene in desperate need of such a rapturous shake-up.

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Raining Blood: Horror In Metal - The Ultimate Playlist

From the most dedicated homages to the horror genre to the most comical additions to Michael Myers’ mixtape, this playlist should keep you company through a nasty attack of homicide.

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No More Mister Nice Guy - The ultimate Alice Cooper playlist

As the vaudeville icon’s headlining slot at Stone Free Festival beckons, it’s time to dust off those Alice Cooper albums and re-learn those timeless lyrics.

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Killing Joke - Pylon - PlanetMosh

Undoubted frontrunners of industrial melancholy Killing Joke present fifteenth full-length ‘Pylon’ accompanied by strong anti-political sentiment, however sadly a little too repetitive for adrenaline-soaked music lovers.

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Amberian Dawn - Innuendo - PlanetMosh

Scandinavian symphonic metal mostly hinges quite fundamentally on a dominant frontwoman, of which Amberian Dawn’s seventh opus ‘Innuendo’ is a prime example.

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VARG - Rotkappchen EP

‘Wolf metal’ takes a turn for the fantastical at the hands of VARG’s ‘Rotkäppchen’.

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Impalers – Prepare For War EP | PlanetMosh

Inventive, adventurous thrash is back with a vengeance -- nobody is safe.

The Authors - PlanetMosh

the authors who have contributed to planetmosh, past and present...