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Ali Cooper

That goth music journo.

Words for Metal Hammer. Previously TeamRock. Rock Sins Reviews Editor. Metal historian. aka Ali Zombie.

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How Oceans Of Slumber are pushing prog metal boundaries - Metal Hammer

Oceans Of Slumber’s Cammie Gilbert is preaching a prog metal gospel.

12 bands to watch in 2016 - Metal Hammer

Ali Cooper describes In Danté's Eclipse, her #1 band for 2016.

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Why I Love... Celtic Frost by Mark Tremonti - TeamRock

Arena rock’s king of riffs loses his shit for Switzerland’s mysterious black metal pioneers.

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Hot New Band: The Shrine - TeamRock

The Shrine’s big riffs and punk ethos are keeping them on the road to glory.

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Hot New Band: She Must Burn - Metal Hammer

Symphonic brutes She Must Burn are black metal's new breed.

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Road Trippin' Sepultura - Metal Hammer

The boys from Brazil celebrate 30 years of international brutality.

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Discs Of Doom: Brent Smith, Shinedown - Metal Hammer

Every month we ask metal heavyweights about the albums that changed their life. Brent Smith chooses his favourites.

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Why I Love... Slayer - TeamRock

Children Of Bodom's shredder-in-chief Alexi Laiho hails the masters of evil thrash.

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Hot New Band: Once Human - TeamRock

Ex-Machine Head man finds perfect partner in the brutal Once Human.

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Road Trippin': Epica - TeamRock

The Dutch symphonic crew are pedalling like demons on their way back to the UK.

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Hot New Band: Biters - Metal Hammer

Biters are renegade punks on a mission to make rock’n’roll cool again.

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Celebrating a decade of Basick Records - Metal Hammer

We look at a history of life on the cutting edge of heavy music...

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Discs Of Doom: Sharon Den Adel, Within Temptation - TeamRock

Every month we ask metal heavyweights about the records that changed their life.
Sharon Den Adel chooses her favourites...

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Hot New Band: Like A Storm - Metal Hammer

Didgeridoo metal? WTF?! Like A Storm are rewriting metal’s rulebook like never before...

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Why I Love... Aerosmith by Danny Worsnop, We Are Harlot - Metal Hammer

UK rock'n'roll's sharpest showman praises Boston's enduring stadium giants...