Ali Cooper

Ali Cooper

That goth music journo.

Words for Metal Hammer. Previously TeamRock. Rock Sins Reviews Editor. Metal historian. aka Ali Zombie.

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Symptoms article

11 symptoms of Winchester post-dissertation syndrome | Hexjam

That light-headed feeling won't last long!

Friends article

If Friends was set in Winchester | Hexjam

So no-one told you life was going to be so bloody full of hills...

Goth article

12 problems for a Winchester goth | Hexjam

We got 99 problems and at least one of them involves hills.

Metalbands article

Rock and metal bands in Winchester | Hexjam

Need a heavier music fix in this city?

Playlist article

Playlist for a day at Winchester | Hexjam

If someone with a boom box was following you around during a day in the life of a Winchester student, what would they be playing?

Hearts article

8 unconventional dates in Winchester | Hexjam

As if our city wasn't romantic enough already...

Nowayout article

If WWE was set in Winchester | Hexjam

Are we really the best in the world at what we do?

Lies article

8 lies Winchester students tell too often | Hexjam

Liar, liar, pants hanging from the Cathedral on fire...

Campus article

9 FAQs about King Alfred Campus | Hexjam

The things you've always wanted to know, but never known who to ask.

Which celebrities were born on the same day as you?

Stars, they're just like us....